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Corporate Social Responsibility
Health Safety and Environment
Corporate Social Responsibility

PT BHM continuously maintains good relationship with the local community in which the company operates. This condition is believed to lead a company to be accepted by the community, so as to enable the creation of a secure, comfortable and dynamic relationship with the surrounding community.

As part of the community, we realize that we are socially responsible for developing the community particularly in economic, social and cultural areas through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program. PT BHM considers this program as a way of showing concern and earning public trust toward the company. Through this program, the company indeed strives to find positive and feasible opportunity for community development initiative as part of the company’s social responsibility. It is also an integral part of business investment initiatives for sustainable growth, ensuring future business.

PT BHM is also committed to empower the local community and protect the surrounding areas of our operations to develop a conducive relationship and is responsive to the occurring social changes, especially those related to the company’s operations.

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