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Health Safety and Environment
Health Safety and Environment

In the area of Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), we have agreed to realize “zero work accident” throughout our operations. For us, nothing is more urgent than the health and safety of our employees as well as environment preservation. Thus, sound performance and integration of all HSE aspects in every business process is essential, and hence our motto becomes “Zero Accident and No Pollution is Our Perfect Performance”.

Safety Aspect

HSE Management System
Since early inception, PT BHM has already implemented HSE Management System (SMHSE) to improve HSE performance at work locations. The SMHSE comprises safety program, safety campaign and safety procedure as the means to perform them. Through SMHSE, we ensure that all practical actions have been taken to identify hazards and risks resulting from the business endeavors. We then implement them systematically into daily operation activities to assure all industrial and regulation standards are met. As a result, our ‘operations can run securely in increasing production target, ensuring employees’ safety, securing our position in the competition as well as maintaining good HSE performance.

Employees Involvement
Considering safety as everyone’s responsibility, we therefore have involved all employees in the safety initiative in order to strengthen sense of belonging and allow space for openness. All employees were introduced to each initiated program through various compulsory trainings. To start with, safety induction has been introduced to reflect a clear demonstration of our commitment to safe operations and sound performance in an attractive and interactive way in order to have better HSE performance. Prior to work commencement, every work unit conducts a risk assessment, such as through job safety analysis by examining if whether the workplace and the surrounding environment have met the required safety standards.

In order to measure proper implementation of the safety procedure by all employees, PT BHM introduces the monitoring-recording-reporting method. The method focuses on the technical and behavioral groundwork prepared for all employees when dealing with near-miss accident, loss time and fatality circumstances. The efforts monitor application of safety procedure, detailed recording and reporting of every single incident. Next, a root-cause analysis will then be applied before developing a corrective-action plan.

Health Aspect
The health aspect implementation has been started since employee recruitment process. Employees are required to meet the specified health standards and are not suffering any contagious diseases. The company constantly monitors their health, look after the workplace to always meet health standards as well as maintaining that their food intake is nutritious and hygienic.

Environmental Preservation Aspect
We are committed to preserve and care for the environment throughout our operations. We ensure overall compliance to the fixed environmental quality requirements from early operation up to waste management stage. We continually process all the resulting wastes to accomplish all the set standards properly.

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